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Ahmer Malik

I'm a Texas-based Solutions Engineer specializing in cutting-edge AI technologies.

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"Engineering the future with AI-driven solutions."

A passionate Solutions Engineer with a futuristic mindset. Using cutting-edge AI technologies, I turn complex problems into innovative solutions that drive business success. When not architecting AI systems, I explore the latest tech trends, dive into cryptocurrencies, or analyze market trends. I love turning ideas into impactful solutions and am excited to share my journey with you.


Leveraging Tech to Explore New Horizons

3 yrsNext.js
6 yrsNode.js
2 yrsGPT
7 yrsReact
3 yrsTypeScript
7 yrsSQL
4 yrsAWS
8 yrsJavasScript


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Swift Sage A.I.

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Swift Sage A.I.

GPT-4, Node.js, React v18, TypeScript, Mix Panel, Docker, Web3.js, AWS (Lambda, SQL Server, S3, CI/CD)

Advanced A.I. driven analytics, where GPT is at the wheel. Continuously monitoring market conditions and selecting the appropriate mixture of algorithms to produce real-time insights allows traders to make predictable outcomes and maintain effective risk management.

Swift Sage A.I.

This project leverages React 18 to curate a seamless user experience, with user activity and performance tracked via Mix Panel integrations.

Key Features:

  • Tailored Analysis

  • Predictive Algorithm

  • Modern Tech Stack

  • Containerized Deployment

  • Comprehensive Metrics

Crafting Immersive Web Experiences

Pushing Boundaries & Elevating User Engagement

See What Clients and Collaborators Have to Say About My Work

David M.

David M.

I had the pleasure of working alongside Ahmer and was continually impressed by his sociability and ease of engagement. Not only was he passionate and
enthusiastic about exploring new technologies, but his commitment to the team and projects was evident in his proactive approach. I vividly recall our collaboration on the company-wide hackathon, where Ahmer's contributions were pivotal. Moreover, his dedication to enhancing user experience was showcased when he spearheaded performance enhancements on our code base. Ahmer doesn't just contribute; he takes ownership. This was further demonstrated when he penned the guidelines, ensuring consistency and best practices across our projects. His determination to see tasks to completion and his unwavering commitment to excellence make him a standout team member.
Irfan M.

Irfan M.

Having worked closely with Ahmer at Cox Automotive, I can confidently vouch for his exceptional abilities and dedication. Our collaborative bug-smashi
ng sessions were a testament to Ahmer's meticulous approach, where we would methodically track down inefficiencies on our front end and clear backlogs. Ahmer's proactive approach meant that, whenever a blocker emerged, he was there offering solutions and collaborating to ensure the team's momentum was never halted. One of the most commendable achievements was Ahmer's leadership in architecting the analytics dashboard – undeniably one of the most challenging implementations on our web app. His capability to seamlessly integrate best practices in front-end development showcased his prowess, commitment, and adaptability. The expertise and knowledge Ahmer brought during those months were invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend Ahmer as an exemplary front-end developer who not only brings technical skills to the table but also a collaborative spirit and a problem-solving mindset.
Azael V.

Azael V.

Ahmer Malik is someone I have had the privilege of knowing for over a decade. He helped me get my first job out of college and over the years I have w
itnessed his impressive transformation from a skilled financial analyst into a truly brilliant programmer. What has always struck me about Ahmer is his insatiable curiosity and meticulous attention to detail. It's his relentless pursuit of knowledge that sets him apart. Ahmer is always eager to learn, embracing new challenges and technologies with enthusiasm. I have seem him apply this curiosity and zeal not just to a company but various projects and products he has developed himself. He is always looking for ways to improve or make something better. His work ethic is truly commendable, and he has a remarkable ability to inspire those around him. He thrives in team environments and readily shares his expertise to propel the group forward. His presence on any team adds immeasurable value, fostering an atmosphere of innovation and cooperation.
Juan Pablo V.

Juan Pablo V.

I highly recommend Ahmer for his exceptional curiosity about emerging technologies, profound insights into the macro environment, which sets him apart
in comprehending markets and innovating products across diverse industries. Ahmer possesses innate leadership qualities, adept at uniting communities and consistently leaving a significant mark. Throughout our collaboration, I've witnessed his relentless pursuit of expanding his skillset, positioning himself as a frontrunner in embracing the latest technology trends.
Haris S.

Haris S.

I worked with Ahmer at UH as an Academic Assistant and have continued to communicate with him professionally. We've discussed the ever changing market
on macro and micro level and I've learned much from him, I hope he's learned from me too. He is self-motivated, hard working, sincere and works very well individually to accomplish team goals. I hope we work professionally in the future.
Ahmer AI

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